Man pages for statnet/latentnet
Latent Position and Cluster Models for Statistical Networks

as.mcmc.list.ergmmConvert an ERGMM Object to an MCMC list object for...
control.ergmmAuxiliary for Controlling ERGMM Fitting
davisSouthern Women Data Set (Davis) as a bipartite "network"...
ergmmFit a Latent Space Random Graph Model
ergmm-classClass of Fitted Exponential Random Graph Mixed Models
ergmm.drawpieDraw a pie chart at a specified location.
ergmm-familiesEdge Weight Distribution Families
ergmm.par.listA List of ERGMM Parameter Configuration
ergmm.priorAuxiliary for Setting the ERGMM Prior
ergmm-termsModel Terms for Latent Space Random Graph Model
gof.ergmmConduct Goodness-of-Fit Diagnostics on a Exponential Family...
latentnet-packageLatent position and cluster models for networks
mcmc.diagnostics.ergmmConduct MCMC diagnostics on an ERGMM fit
merge.ergmmMerge two or more replications of ERGMM fits
plot.ergmmPlotting Method for class ERGMM
predict.ergmmPredicted Dyad Values for an ERGMM.
simulate.ergmmDraw from the distribution of an Exponential Random Graph...
summary.ergmmERGMM Fit Summaries
tribesRead Highland Tribes
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