Man pages for statnet/network
Classes for Relational Data

add.edgesAdd Edges to a Network Object
add.verticesAdd Vertices to an Existing Network
as.colorTransform vector of values into color specification
as.edgelistConvert a network object into a numeric edgelist matrix
as.matrix.networkCoerce a Network Object to Matrix or Table Form from Matrices to Network Objects
as.sociomatrixCoerce One or More Networks to Sociomatrix Form
attribute.methodsAttribute Interface Methods for the Network Class
deletion.methodsRemove Elements from a Network Object
edgeset.constructorsEdgeset Constructors for Network Objects
emonInterorganizational Search and Rescue Networks (Drabek et...
floFlorentine Wedding Data (Padgett)
get.edgesRetrieve Edges or Edge IDs Associated with a Given Vertex
get.inducedSubgraphRetrieve Induced Subgraphs and Cuts
get.neighborhoodObtain the Neighborhood of a Given Vertex
has.edgesDetermine if specified vertices of a network have any edges...
is.adjacentDetermine Whether Two Vertices Are Adjacent
loading.attributesExamples of how to load vertex and edge attributes into...
networkNetwork Objects
network.arrowAdd Arrows or Segments to a Plot
network.densityCompute the Density of a Network
network.dyadcountReturn the Number of (Possibly Directed) Dyads in a Network...
network.edgecountReturn the Number of Edges in a Network Object
network.edgelabelPlots a label corresponding to an edge in a network plot.
network.extractionExtraction and Replacement Operators for Network Objects
network.indicatorsIndicator Functions for Network Properties
network.initializeInitialize a Network Class Object
network-internalInternal Network Package Functions
network.layoutVertex Layout Functions for
network.loopAdd Loops to a Plot
network.naedgecountIdentifying and Counting Missing Edges in a Network Object
network-operatorsNetwork Operators
network-packageClasses for Relational Data
network.sizeReturn the Size of a Network
network.vertexAdd Vertices to a Plot
permute.vertexIDsPermute (Relabel) the Vertices Within a Network
plot.networkTwo-Dimensional Visualization for Network Objects
preparePlotArgsExpand and transform attributes of networks to values...
prod.networkCombine Networks by Edge Value Multiplication
read.pajRead a Pajek Project or Network File and Convert to an R...
sum.networkCombine Networks by Edge Value Addition
valid.eidsGet the ids of all the edges that are valid in a network
which.matrix.typeHeuristic Determination of Matrix Types for Network Storage
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