Man pages for statnmap/GeoDist
Constrained distance calculation and associated geotools

autofitVariogram.distAutomatically fitting a variogram
dist.obstacleCalculate 2D distances from points to points avoiding...
distref.dataGet characteristics of data regarding the reference raster for
distref.rasterTransfrom reference raster as a network of paths for distance...
distref.raster-classClass for distref.raster
eyefit.largeEyefit function of geoR with higher range for phi and sigma
Find.ngb.wo.obstacleFind neighbours without obstacles in different directions
idw.distInverse distance calculation using custom distances
idw.dist.specialSpecial case idw for reduced time calculation
krige.conv.distKriging. Modified from function krige.conv in geoR library.
likfit.distFit of gaussian field. Modified from function likfit in geoR.
Prep_loc_distPrepare loc.dist for idw special case
Pt2Pts.wo.obstacleCalculate distance from one point to a set of points using...
sph2carComputes cartesian coordinates from long,lat geographical...
variog.distVariogram calculation. Modified from geoR.
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