Man pages for stats4sd/GGEBiplots
GGE Biplots with 'ggplot2'

CompareGensCompare two genotypes biplot
DiscRepDiscrimination vs. representativeness biplot
EnvRelationshipRelationship between environments
ExamineEnvExamine an environment
ExamineGenExamine a genotype biplot
GGEModelProduces genotype plus genotype-by-environment model from a...
GGEModelsGGE Models for Input into GGE Biplots and for summarising...
GGEPlotGGE biplots with 'ggplot2'
MeanStabilityMean vs. Stability Biplot
RankEnvRanking Environments Biplot
RankGenRanking genotypes with respect to the ideal genotype
stattableProduce a two-way summary table of results
WhichWonWhich Won Where/What Biplot
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