Man pages for statsmaths/coreNLP
Wrappers Around Stanford CoreNLP Tools

annoEtranger.rdaAnnotation of first two lines of Albert Camus' L'Etranger
annoHp.rdaAnnotation of first line of JK Rowling's The Philosopher's...
annotateFileAnnotate a text file
annotateStringAnnotate a string of text
downloadCoreNLPDownload java files needed for coreNLP
getCoreferenceGet Coreference
getDependencyGet Dependencies
getOpenIEGet OpenIE
getParseGet parse tree as character vector
getSentimentGet Sentiment scores
getTokenGet tokens as data frame
initCoreNLPInitialize the CoreNLP java object
loadXMLAnnotationLoad CoreNLP XML file
parseAnnoXMLParse annotation xml
print.annotationPrint a summary of an annotation object
universalTagsetConvert Penn TreeBank POS to Universal Tagset
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