Man pages for steadyfish/ogdindiar
API Access to Datasets on Open Government Data - India Portal

download_datasetDownload dataset
fetch_dataLoad data from the Government of India API.
get_countGet count of elements that were returned from JSON data query
get_dataGet data from the JSON data object
get_datasets_from_a_catalogget data sets for a catalog
get_field_namesGet field/variable names from the JSON data object
get_field_typeGet field/variable types from the JSON data object
get_JSON_docGet JSON data for requested data resource
ogdindia_api_keyGet or set OGDINDIA_API_KEY value
ogdindiarogdindiar: Provides API access to selected datasets on Open...
rectify_field_typeApply field type correction based on accompanied metadata
search_for_datasetsSearch for data sets
to_data_frameConvert data from list to a data.frame
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