Man pages for steffilazerte/weathercan
Download Weather Data from the Environment and Climate Change Canada Website

finchesRFID Data on finch visits to feeders
flagsMeaning of coded 'flags'
get_tzDEFUNCT: Get timezone from lat/lon
glossaryGlossary of units and terms
kamloopsHourly weather data for Kamloops
kamloops_dayDaily weather data for Kamloops
pgHourly weather data for Prince George
stationsStation data downloaded from Environment and Climate Change...
stations_dlGet available stations
stations_searchSearch for stations by name or location
tz_calcDEFUNCT: Get timezone from lat/lon
weathercan-packageEasy downloading of weather data from Environment and Climate...
weather_dlDownload weather data from Environment Canada
weather_interpInterpolate and add weather data to a dataframe
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