Man pages for stefvanbuuren/dsMice
DataSHIELD server-side functions for the mice package

check.blocksDSName imputation blocks
checkClassChecks that an object has the same class in all studies
check.dataformPartial Computation for Model Fitted Values
check.mPartial Computation for Model Fitted Values
checkpredictorMatrixDSCreates a 'predictorMatrix' argument
check.visitSequenceCreates a 'visitSequence' argument
construct.blocksDSConstruct blocks from 'formulas' and 'predictorMatrix'
extractSplits character by '$' and returns the single characters
findLoginObjectssearches for opal login object in the environment
getHistogramSum of Study Variable Elements
getImputePartial Computation for Model Fitted Values
getNaPartial Computation for Model Fitted Values
getOpalsGets the opal objects
getVarbyFormulaAccess Data from Study and Response Variables by 'formula'.
getVarByNameAccess Data from Study Variables by name.
getXValuesCompletePartial Computation for Model Fitted Values
identifyNasIdentify missing values
isAssignedChecks an object has been generated on the server side
isDefinedChecks if the objecs are defined in studies for DataSHIELD server
isValidDSChecks if an input is valid
make.blocksDSCreates a 'blocks' argument
make.predictorMatrixDSCreates a 'predictorMatrix' argument
make.visitSequenceCreates a 'visitSequence' argument
matrixMethodThe Method of Matrices
md.patternDSMissing data pattern
miceDSMultivariate Imputation by Chained Equations (MICE)
mice.midsDSmice.mids algorithm for DataSHIELD server
name.blocksDSName imputation blocks
nimpNumber of imputations per block
partialDatasetPartial Computation for Model Fitted Values
setFilterDSSets the privacy level
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