Man pages for stefvanbuuren/dsMiceClient
Distributed Multiple Imputations

check.methodCreates a 'method' argument
check.visitSequenceCreates a 'visitSequence' argument
ds.estimiceComputes least squares parameters for DataSHIELD
ds.findNasModel Fitted Values
ds.histogramCombined Histogram
ds.imputeModel Fitted Values
ds.impute_bkpLinear Regression
ds.linearLinear Regression
ds.mdPatternModel Fitted Values
ds.miceMultivariate Imputation by Chained Equations (MICE)
ds.norm.drawDraws values of beta and sigma by Bayesian linear regression...
ds.test1Model Fitted Values
extend.formulaDSExtends a formula with predictors
extend.formulasExtends formula's with predictor matrix settings
extractSplits character by '$' and returns the single characters
findLoginObjectssearches for opal login object in the environment
getOpalsGets the opal objects
isAssignedChecks an object has been generated on the server side
isDefinedChecks if the objecs are defined in studies
loginA convenience function for logging into an DataSHIELD cluster
make.formulasCreates a 'formulas' argument
make.methodCreates a 'method' argument
make.visitSequenceCreates a 'visitSequence' argument
mice.impute.ds.meanImputation by the mean for DataSHIELD
mice.impute.ds.normImputation by Bayesian linear regression for DataSHIELD
mice.impute.ds.pmmImputation by predictive mean matching for DataSHIELD
name.blocksName imputation blocks
name.formulasDSName formula list elements
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