Man pages for stefvanbuuren/minihealth
Mini Dossier for Individual Health Data

asas("xyz", "data.frame")
bds_lexiconBDS lexicon
bse-classAn S4 class for broken stick estimates
cabinet-classCabinet class
convert_bds_individualConvert json BSD data for single individual to class...
convert_individual_bdsConvert data of class individual to bds format
donordata_to_individualConvert single individual from donor data to class individual
get_dobGet the date of birth of an individual
get_rangeGet a range from the antropometric data
get_xyzGet the x, y and z coordinates of the measurement
individualAN-classAn S4 class to represent individual anthropometric data
individualBG-classAn S4 class to represent individual background variables
individualBS-classAn S4 class to represent individual broken stick estimates
individual-classAn S4 class to represent individual data
individualID-classAn S4 class to represent individual identifiers
individual_to_donordataConvert object of class 'individual' to donordata
is.cabinetIs this object of class 'cabinet'?
is.individualIs this object of class 'individual'?
list2cabinetConvert donordata object to cabinet object
sub-cabinet-ANY-ANY-ANY-methodExtract part of cabinet
subset-cabinet-ANY-ANY-ANY-methodReplace part of cabinet
table34Table 34: Landcodes
validate_bds_individualValidate JSON file
xyz-classAn S4 class for anthropometric data
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