Man pages for stencila/r
Stencila for R

addin_openOpens the file that is currently open in the source editor in...
addin_registerRegister the function in the source editor that is currently...
ContextA base for context classes to share implementation of...
environDisplay the Stencila host's environment
function_registerRegister a function
HostA Host
HostHttpServerA HTTP server for a Host
host-instanceThe singleton instance of the 'Host' class
library_documentRegister a library of functions
library_register' Register a library of functions ' Registers the function in...
openOpen an address in Stencila
RContextA R context
registerRegister the Stencila host
runRun the Stencila host
spawnSpawn a Stencila host
SqliteContextA SQLite context
startStart serving the Stencila host
stop_Stop serving the Stencila host
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