Man pages for stephLH/caractr
Additional functions to deal with character vectors.

str_add_caseUpdate a character vector case according to stopwords.
str_add_fr_accentAdd French accents to a string.
str_age_litteralGet age in a litteral format.
str_apply_caseApply case from a target character to another string.
str_camel_to_snake_caseConversion from a camel case character to a snake case...
str_capitaliseCapitalise the first letter in a string.
str_clean_phone_numberClean phone numbers.
str_conv_number_letterConvert a numeric vector to full letters.
str_empty_to_naReplace Empty character with NA.
str_line_breakCut a character string over multiple lines
str_normalise_colnamesNormalise a string for a use as table column names.
str_normalise_fileNormalise a string for a use as file name.
str_pasteEquivalent to base paste but with an extra na.rm parameter
str_percentConversion from a numeric percentage to a character label.
str_quoteReplace Windows quote by the ASCII quote
str_remove_accentRemove accents in a string.
str_remove_punctRemove punctuation in a string.
str_todayGet today date in several formats.
str_validate_emailValidate email with a regex.
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