Man pages for stephLH/source.maj
Additional functions to patch a data frame or a vector

anti_join_bindFunctions anti_join and bind_rows executed successively.
as_dateConvert a character date to POSIXct
as_factorTranscode a character vector into an factor.
df_updateUpdate a tibble values according to a second update tibble
duplicateExtract duplicate rows from a data frame.
filter_data_patchFilter a correspondance table according to additional colmuns...
fix_birth_dateFix birth date
patch_vectorPatch a current vector from a target vector.
recode_factorRecode columns to factor in a data frame.
recode_formulaRecode a data frame with formulas.
recode_idRecode individual rows in a data frame.
renameRename data frame columns.
transcodeChange column classes in a data frame.
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