Man pages for stephematician/miForang
Missing data imputation by missForest algorithm using ranger

complete_resultsCompleted data sets as long data.frame
entropyCalculate entropy of categorical data
frequency_of_imputedFrequency of imputed values of categorical data
get_maps_to_categoriesMap from levels proposed by as.factor to each integer and...
leiks_DCalculate Leik's D of ordered data
measure_correlationMeasure correlation and stationary proportion between...
measure_degenerateMeasure if reached limit of iterations
measure_stekhoven_2012Measure change between completed data sets as per Stekhoven...
miForangMissing data imputation using fast implemention of random...
miForang-package'miForang': Missing data imputation using fast implementation...
no_information_imputeImpute missing data using mean or mode of complete cases
perform_missforestPerform missForest iteration
sample_from_rangerPredict or sample values from fitted ranger object
sample_imputeImpute missing data using sample from complete cases
samples_as_matrixRandom samples from the first natural numbers
stationary_rateCompute rate of stationary values
statistics_of_imputedCalculate statistics of imputed data
stop_conditionEvaluate stop condition of imputation procedure
unmap_categoriesMap categorical data to values
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