Man pages for stephenhky/RSSSpending
Wrangling of Spending Data on Google Spreadsheet Google Spreadsheet Workbook.
categories.tohashPut categories (stemmed) into a global hash table.
choose.bestwordChoose the best word (highest score).
generate.summaryCalculate the summary and output a dataframe
get.all.spend.dataRetrieve all spend data
get.postag.annotatorReturn the singleton of part-of-speech (POS) tagging...
get.spend.dataRetrieve spending data of a given month from the given... spending data of a few given months from the given...
get.token.annotatorReturn the singleton of maxent word token annotator
get.xwalk.mapReturn the crosswalk hash map.
normalize.categoryNormalize the category. summary
score.wordScore the word.
stem.all.tokensStem all tokens using Porter stemmer.
tag.POSTag the part-of-speech (POS) of the tokens in the given...
tokenizeTokenize the given string.
tokenize.intReturn table of token annotation.
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