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Dynamic Statistical Comparisons in R

add_methodAdd a method to a dsc.
addMethodDeprecated alias to 'add_method'.
add_output_parserAdd an outputParser to a dsc.
addOutputParserDeprecated alias to 'add_output_parser'.
add_scenarioAdd a scenario to a dsc.
addScenarioDeprecated alias to 'add_scenario'.
add_scoreAdd a score function to a dsc.
addScoreDeprecated alias to 'add_score'.
dscr-packageDynamic Statistical Comparisons in R
get_input_typesReturn inputtypes of the scenarios in a dsc.
get_meta_typesReturn metatypes of the scenarios in a dsc.
get_output_typesReturn outputtypes of the methods in a dsc.
getOutputtypesDeprecated alias to 'get_output_types'.
list_methodsList methods.
listMethodsDeprecated alias to 'list_methods'.
list_output_parsersList outputParsers.
listoutputParsersDeprecated alias to 'list_output_parsers'.
list_scenariosList scenarios.
listScenariosDeprecated alias to 'list_scenarios'.
list_scoresList scores.
listScoresDeprecated alias to 'list_scores'.
load_exampleReturn the data and output for a single method for a single...
loadExampleDeprecated alias to 'load_example'.
new_dscStart a new (empty) dsc.
new.dscDeprecated alias to 'new_dsc'.
reset_dscRemoves all data, output and results for the dsc
reset_methodRemoves all output and scoress for a method.
reset_scenarioRemoves all output and results for a scenario.
run_dscRun all methods on all scenarios for a DSC.
shiny_plotPlot results for DSC.
source_dirSources all R files in a directory.
sourceDirDeprecated alias to 'source_dir'.
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