Man pages for stephenslab/EbayesThresh
Empirical Bayes Thresholding and Related Methods

beta.cauchyFunction beta for the quasi-Cauchy prior
beta.laplaceFunction beta for the Laplace prior
ebayesthreshEmpirical Bayes thresholding on a sequence
ebayesthresh.waveletEmpirical Bayes thresholding on the levels of a wavelet...
isotoneWeighted least squares monotone regression
postmeanPosterior mean estimator
postmedPosterior median estimator
tfromwFind threshold from mixing weight
tfromxFind thresholds from data
threshldThreshold data with hard or soft thresholding
vecbinsolvSolve systems of nonlinear equations based on a monotonic...
wandafromxFind weight and inverse scale parameter from data if Laplace...
wfromtMixing weight from posterior median threshold
wfromxFind Empirical Bayes weight from data
wmonfromxFind monotone Empirical Bayes weights from data.
zetafromxEstimation of a parameter in the prior weight sequence in the...
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