Man pages for stephensrmmartin/ICCier
Computes ICCs, per person, or per observation, using the Bayesian mixed effects location scale model

coef.ICCierExtract group-specific values
datagenGenerate data for testing.
dot-extract_transformExtracts samples, turns them into formed matrices for...
dot-get_random_effect_samplesExtract random effect samples.
dot-get_random_effect_z_samplesExtract standardized RE
dot-parse_formulaParses formula using Formula.
fitted.ICCierExtract ICC values.
generate_dfGenerate data frame for testing.
ICCierRun MELSM model.
ICCier-packageThe 'ICCier' package.
log_lik.ICCierExtract pointwise log-likelihood
loo.ICCierCompute leave-one-out (LOO).
nsamples.ICCierExtract the number of posterior samples.
posterior_interval.ICCierICCier Method for posterior intervals.
predict.ICCierPredict new ICC values.
print.ICCierPrint method for ICCIer object.
print.summary.ICCierPrint method for ICCier summaries.
ranef.ICCierExtract random effect values
summary.ICCierSummary method for ICCier objects.
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