Man pages for stevencarlislewalker/ecoBayesIRT
Helper functions for ecological Bayesian item response theory in R using MCMCpack

apply2arraysReturns a vector or array or list of values obtained by...
BO2dFixFix 2d-ordinations
BOetaCompute the posterior of the linear predictor in a Bayesian...
BOflipFlip axes in a Bayesian ordination
BOindexConstruct an index for a Bayesian ordination (BO) mcmc object
BOpCompute the posterior of the fitted values from a Bayesian...
BOrotateRotate a Bayesian ordination
BOswitchSwitch axes labels
dimIRTThe dimensions of an item response theory mcmc
ecoBayesIRTHelper functions for ecological Bayesian item response theory...
extractIRTExtract and replace pieces of an item response theory mcmc
findModesDifferentiate between specific forms of uni- and bi-modality
findRefSiteFind reference site
fitProbBinsCompare binary data to binned probabilistic expectations
getBOGet parameters from a Bayesian ordination (getBO)
giveGive values to certain dimension of an R array
mcmcFlipFlip axes in an mcmc object for a Bayesian ordination
orthProcrustesRotMatOrthogonal procrustean rotation matrix
pairCompAll possible pairwise comparisons among columns in binary or...
plot2dCorsPlot correlations between 2d indirect and 1d direct gradients
quantile2dTwo-dimensional quantile plot
redundantParaDrop redundant parameters
rgradSimulate from posterior distribution of indirect gradients
swapFlipAxesIRTSwap and flip axes of an item response theory mcmc
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