Man pages for stevencarlislewalker/multitable
Simultaneous Manipulation of Multiple Arrays of Data list transposition to and from data lists
bciBarro Colorado Island Data List
bind.repMatrix with identical rows or columns
bmData list benchmark
data.listCreate a data list dimensions of a data list of a data list object
dims_to_varsDimensions of replication to variables
dlapplyApply Functions Over Data List Margins
dlcastCast data lists
dlmeltMelt data lists
dropDrop Data List Dimensions or replace parts of a data list
fake.communityFake community data
higginsStream fish
make.required.dimnamesMake required dimnames Two Data Lists
multitable-packageSimultaneous manipulation of multiple arrays of data, with...
numnamesGenerate numbered names
nvarNumber of variables in a data list list arithmetic data lists
read.multitableMultiple table data input
reorder2More intuitive version of reorder
simple.scale'Simple' Scaling and Centering about data list objects
variableCreate simple data lists
varnamesData list variable names
withEvaluate an Expression in a Data (List) Environment
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