Man pages for stevencarlislewalker/subscript

as.speciesListCoerce to species list
calcDimIdsEstimate and set pattern of dimension sharing
combineDistsp-norm combination of distance matrices
compareNamesCompare names
dbDiversityRegressionSimple linear regression on distance-based diversity indices
dimIdsSet and get dimension identifiers
dnamesExtract subscript dimension names
listOfDataFramesList of data frames
longDistDistance matrix in long form
meanPairwiseDistMean pairwise distance
nDimsNumber of dimensions
permuteRandom permutation
plot.dbDiversityRegressionPlot distance-based diversity regression data frame poly data frame
processSubscriptProcess subscript
reOrderReorder an object
speciesListSpecies list
subscript-packageConsistent subscripting of poly data frame
utilityUtility functions for a poly data frame
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