Man pages for stevencarlislewalker/thermopic
Predicting and Visualizing the Seasonal Availability of Thermal Habitat in Lakes

FindAreaFind Area
FindDayFind Day
FindDepthFind Depth
FindHabitatFind Habitat Volume and Area
FindHabZFind Habitat Depth
FindTempFind Temperature
FindVolFind Volume
get_thermopic_dataGet data from a thermopic project
print_directory_treePrint directory tree
setup_directorySetup Thermopic Directory
SpStatsSpatial Habitat Statistics
stmSeasonal Temperature Model
SunPositionGet Solar Elevation and Azimuth
tdatevInterpolate Julian Dates
temporary_thermopic_directoryTemporary thermopic directory
thermopicthermopic: Predicting and visualizing the seasonal available...
thermopic_modelFit Thermopic Model
thermopic_reportThermopic Report
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