Man pages for stevenpawley/spmTools
Spatial prediction model tools

coordinate_gridsCreates RasterLayer objects filled by the x and y grid...
cross_validateK-Fold cross-validation scheme
dist_to_categoriesCalculate grid distances to spatial features
dist_to_clustersCalculate grid distances to x,y,z spatial clusters in point...
dist_to_cornersCorner-based Euclidean Distance Fields
dist_to_featuresSample-based euclidean distance fields
dist_to_intervalsCreates a RasterStack object containing euclidean distances...
hillshade_pcaHillshade PCA function
kernel_density2d2d kernel density estimation for raster data
merge_raster_factorsMerge factors containing a small number of observations
morphological_filterMorphological filter
pred_fun_rangerApply trained ranger model to a RasterStack or RasterBrick
ranger_tunedHyperparameter tuning using the out-of-bag error of ranger...
raster_to_vectorRaster to vector conversion with generalization
rotated_gridsProduces RasterLayer objects filled with rotated coordinate...
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