Man pages for steventsimpson/kleentex
Helps Clean Your Text

capsMake Text All Caps or No Caps
cap_sentenceCapitalize Beginning of Sentences
copyCopy to Clipboard
deep_kleenTitle Cleanse Text Of Common Errors
get_first_charExtracts the First Character
get_last_charExtract the Last Character
get_numExtract A Number from Text
get_num_seqExtract a Sequence of Numbers from Text
rm_accentRemove Accent or Diacritic Marks
rm_encodingRemove Non-UTF8 Encoding
rm_extra_wsRemoves Extra Whitespace
rm_newlineRemove Newline Characters
rm_nonalphaRemove Non-Alpha Characters from Text
rm_nonasciiRemove Non-ASCII Characters
rm_puncRemove Punction from Vector of Text
rm_stopwordsRemove Stopwords from Vector of Words
rm_tagsRemove HTML Tags
stem_wordsStem a Vector of Words
title_caseTitlecase a Set of Words
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