Man pages for steventsimpson/valiData
Data Validation

cleanerCleans Incoming Data from Excel
compareMain Helper Function for vc_compare
importReads in Imports Dictionary
import_mapConvenience Function to Imports and Map Dictionary
mapperCreates Dictionary Mapping
print.all_goodPrints a all_good Object
print.invalid_reportPrints a invalid_report Object
print.valiDataPrints a valiData Object
print.valiData_dir_levelPrints a valiData_dir_level Object
print.validate_filePrints a validate_file Object
print.valid_reportPrints a valid_report Object
print.vcPrints a vc Object
print.vd_dirPrints a vd_dir Object
print.vd_empty_subfoldersPrints a vd_empty_subfolders Object
print.vd_non_emptyPrints a vd_non_empty Object
print.vd_unmapped_csvPrints a vd_unmapped_csv Object
print.vf_csv_brokenPrints a vf_csv_broken Object
print.vf_file_typePrints a vf_file_type Object
print.vf_non_emptyPrints a vf_non_empty Object
print.vt_column_namesPrints a vt_column_names Object
print.vt_column_orderPrints a vt_column_order Object
print.vt_duplicated_rowsPrints a vt_duplicated_rows Object
print.vt_enough_columnsPrints a vt_enough_columns Object
print.vt_headerPrints a vt_header Object
print.vt_na_rowsPrints a vt_na_rows Object
print.vt_non_ASCIIPrints a vt_non_ASCII Object
print.vt_non_emptyPrints a vt_non_empty Object
print.vt_required_columnsPrints a vt_required_columns Object
print.vt_spaced_colnamesPrints a vt_spaced_colnames Object
read_column_map_dirRead in Debian Control File
report_all_is_wellGenerate Random Cowsay Praise
twiddle-equalsNearly Equal
valiDataValidate a Directory of Subdirectories of CSV Files
validate_fileValidate a CSV File
vc_Generic Column Validation
vc_categoriesValidates If Correct Categories Used
vc_cipcodeValidates If Valid CIP Code
vc_column_applyApply Column Map to Dataframe
vc_compareValidates If Comparison Met
vc_creditsValidates and If Formatted Like Credit
vc_emailValidates If Email
vc_integerValidates If Integer
vc_iso_datetimeValidates and Reports If ISO 8601
vc_logicalValidates If Logical
vc_missingChecks For Missing Elements In Vector
vc_ncharValidates Number of Characters
vc_non_responseChecks For Non-Response Elements In Vector
vc_nullChecks For Null Elements In Vector
vc_numericValidates and Reports If Numeric
vc_regexValidates and Reports If Formatted Like Regex Provided
vc_typeSwitch Method Based On Type Of Data in Column
vc_uniqueValidates and Reports If Unique
vc_utc_dateValidates If Date UTC
vc_zipcodeValidates If ZipCode
vd_dirChecks If Path Is Directory
vd_empty_subfoldersValidate Which Folders Contain CSVs
vd_non_emptyChecks If Dir Not Empty
vd_unmapped_csvValidate Folders that Contain CSVs Are Found in Map
vf_csv_brokenValidate that a CSV's Is Properly Quoted
vf_file_typeChecks If File CSV
vf_non_emptyChecks If File Not Empty
vt_column_namesValidate that a CSV's Columns Are Named Correctly
vt_column_orderValidate that a CSV's Columns Are Correctly Ordered
vt_duplicated_rowsValidate a CSV Contains No Duplicate Rows
vt_enough_columnsValidate that a CSV's has N Columns
vt_headerValidate that a CSV Has a Header
vt_na_rowsFind Rows with only NAs, If Any
vt_non_ASCIIValidates and Reports If Non-ASCII characters present
vt_non_emptyValidate a CSV Contains Rows
vt_required_columnsValidate that a CSV Has No Missing/Null Values in Required...
vt_spaced_colnamesValidate that a CSV's Column Names Contain No Spaces
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