Man pages for stevetnz/stevesRfunctions
My Collection of Miscellaneous R Functions

BoxCoxBox-Cox power transformation of a vector, adjusted to retain...
carryforwardCarry forward/back imputation of a vector
duplicatesReturn values that are duplicates
fracFractional part of numeric object
fuzzyroundFuzzy (random) rounding.
gelTransparent shades of grey or other colours
grepviVariations on grep with different defaults, for convenience.
heat.coloursSome more realistic heat colours
is.asciiIdentify non-ASCII elements in a character vector.
is.sortedTest whether a vector is sorted
kurtosisKurtosis of a vector
likeBinary operators for regexp string comparisons.
newpasswordCreate a random password.
new.timingTiming class for recording computation times
NoYesConvert a logical vector to a two-level factor
nuniquesNumber of unique values
pastelPastel colours
plotsAn informative array plots on a numeric vector
print.timingPrint method for class timing.
qqnormaliseTransform non-normal data using theoretical normal quantiles
skewnessSkewness of a vector
trimTrim leading and trailing white space
uniquesSorted unique values
update.timingAn update method for a timing object
Write.csvWrite CSV file with different defaults
zeropadFormat numbers in constant width with leading zeros
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