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Link to our repo


This package provides three different methods to format spatial polygon geometry for easy plotting in R


The package can be installed with devtools::install_github('stharms/stat585Lab3Group10')


We have 3 functions, all of which take arguments 'file' and 'tolerance' and return a dataframe:

team_12 by Steve Harms

team1 by Yonghui Huo

team_10 by Dapeng Hu


The team_12 and team_10 functions contain an additional parameter, fileread = T, that can be changed to FALSE in order to apply the function to an R object that is not a file. We did this because .shp files are not allowed as sample data, but if we read the .shp file in as an R object first we can then keep it as our data. We use this data for examples for each function.

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