Man pages for stm/rquantae
A toolbox for quantified aesthetics in R

img_berriesImage of berries
img_bikeImage of a bike against a yellow wall
img_bridgeClose up image of the Golden Gate Bridge
img_fireworksImage of fireworks
img_officeImage of an office desk
img_railsImage of rails
img_romanescoImage of romanesco
img_skyImage of the sky
img_treesImage of trees
img_valley_greenImage of a green valley
img_valley_whiteImage of a snowy valley
quantify_complexityComplexity of an image
quantify_contrastRMS Contrast of an Image
quantify_self_similaritySelf-Similarity of an Image
quantify_symmetrySymmetry of an Image
quantify_typicalityTypicality of Images relative to each other
rgb2grayRGB to Gray Conversion
rotate90Matrix or Array Rotation by 90 Degrees
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