Man pages for strathclyde-marine-resource-modelling/StrathE2E2
End-to-end marine food web model

aggregate_model_outputcreate some aggregates of various columns in the output...
annealing_fit_ecology_parametersFinds the best-fit values of the ecology model parameters...
assemble_flow_matrix_from_model_annual_outputprocess the whole domain annual flux results held in the...
box_and_whisker_annual_plotsplot observed and modelled distributions of the annual...
box_and_whisker_monthly_plotsplot some monthly result sumamries
build_annual_driversuses monthly values of time-series drivers over a...
build_initial_stateadjust initial state taking notice of physical parameters
build_modelbuild model for invocation of StrathE2E
build_model_parametersBuild entire set of model parameters combining fixed,...
build_model_runbuild model run
calculate_error_functionmeasure current model fit
calculate_uptakesApply perturbed preference values to fitted parameters to...
copy_modelmake a copy of the named model/variant
derive_annual_results_inshorederive set of results for inshore only and write to files
derive_annual_results_offshorederive set of results for offshore only and write to files
derive_annual_results_wholedomainextract annual average biomass in the final year for the...
derive_model_target_resultsderive annual target results and write to file
disaggregate_landings_discards_by_geardisaggregate group annual landings and discards by gear
extract_simulated_catch_land_disc_by_gear_for_given_yearextract simulated catch
extract_timeseries_annual_landingsread designated model
fishing_fleet_modeldefines the fishing fleet model
interpolate_driversInterpolate drivers over time that model is to be run
list_modelslist available models
monthly_averages_of_final_yearSummarise the final year for nitrate ammonia and chl
perturb_parametersperturb parameters a bit
plot_final_yearPlot final year time series
plot_final_year_MERP_HTL_inshore_vs_offshorePlot full time series of out
plot_final_year_MERP_LTL_inshore_vs_offshorePlot full time series of out
plot_for_each_gear_catch_by_groupplot results as lineplots by group
plot_for_each_group_catch_by_gearplot results as lineplots by group
plot_full_length_timeseriesPlot full time series of output
plot_sediment_habitats_final_yearPlot full time series of out
plot_time_series_annual_land_discplot results as lineplots by group
read_annual_target_dataread annual target data
read_biological_event_timingsRead the biological event timing parameters
read_chemistry_driversRead the default set of chemistry drivers
read_fishing_fleet_modelread fishing fleet model configuration
read_fitted_parametersLoad fitted parameter values for model
read_fixed_parametersload the fixed parameters used in the model
read_initial_stateread and set the initial values of the state variables used...
read_modelread designated model
read_monthly_target_dataread monthly target data
read_physical_parametersset up the physical configuration of the model
read_physics_driversRead the default set of physics drivers
read_SD_control_ecologyreturn list of annealing paramters
sensitivity_analysisperforms a one-at-a-time sensitivity analysis using the...
store_fleet_model_outputgrab the 'gear_group_prop_effort' and...
StrathE2Erun the StrathE2E model
write_fitted_parametersSave current set of fitted parameters to file
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