Man pages for strengejacke/sjlabelled
Labelled Data Utility Functions

add_labelsAdd, replace or remove value labels of variables
as_factorConvert variable into factor and keep value labels
as_labelConvert variable into factor with associated value labels
as_labelledConvert vector to labelled class
as_numericConvert factors to numeric variables
convert_caseGeneric case conversion for labels
copy_labelsCopy value and variable labels to (subsetted) data frames
efcSample dataset from the EUROFAMCARE project
get_labelRetrieve variable label(s) of labelled data
get_labelsRetrieve value labels of labelled data
get_naRetrieve tagged NA values of labelled variables
get_term_labelsRetrieve labels of model terms from regression models
get_valuesRetrieve values of labelled variables
is_labelledCheck whether object is of class "labelled"
read_spssImport data from other statistical software packages
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
remove_all_labelsRemove value and variable labels from vector or data frame
set_labelAdd variable label(s) to variables
set_labelsAdd value labels to variables
sjlabelled-packageLabelled Data Utility Functions
tidy_labelsRepair value labels
unlabelConvert labelled vectors into normal classes
write_spssWrite data to other statistical software packages
zap_labelsDrop, add or convert (non-)labelled values
zap_na_tagsConvert tagged NA values into regular NA
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