Man pages for strengejacke/sjmisc
Data and Variable Transformation Functions

add_columnsAdd or replace data frame columns
add_rowsMerge labelled data frames
add_variablesAdd variables or cases to data frames
all_naCheck if vector only has NA values
big_markFormat numbers
count_naFrequency table of tagged NA values
de_meanCompute group-meaned and de-meaned variables
descrBasic descriptive statistics
dichoDichotomize variables
efcSample dataset from the EUROFAMCARE project
empty_colsReturn or remove variables or observations that are...
find_varFind variable by name or label
flat_tableFlat (proportional) tables
frqFrequency table of labelled variables
grapes-nin-grapesValue matching
group_strGroup near elements of string vectors
group_varRecode numeric variables into equal-ranged groups
has_naCheck if variables or cases have missing / infinite values
is_crossedCheck whether two factors are crossed or nested
is_emptyCheck whether string, list or vector is empty
is_evenCheck whether value is even or odd
is_floatCheck if a variable is of (non-integer) double type or a...
is_num_facCheck whether a factor has numeric levels only
merge_imputationsMerges multiple imputed data frames into a single data frame
move_columnsMove columns to other positions in a data frame
numeric_to_factorConvert numeric vectors into factors associated value labels
recRecode variables
recode_toRecode variable categories into new values
rec_patternCreate recode pattern for 'rec' function
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
ref_lvlChange reference level of (numeric) factors
remove_varRemove variables from a data frame
replace_naReplace NA with specific values
reshape_longerReshape data into long format
rotate_dfRotate a data frame
round_numRound numeric variables in a data frame
row_countCount row or column indices
row_sumsRow sums and means for data frames
seq_colSequence generation for column or row counts of data frames
set_na_ifReplace specific values in vector with NA
shorten_stringShorten character strings
sjmisc-packageData and Variable Transformation Functions
split_varSplit numeric variables into smaller groups
spread_coefSpread model coefficients of list-variables into columns
stdStandardize and center variables
str_containsCheck if string contains pattern
str_findFind partial matching and close distance elements in strings
str_startFind start and end index of pattern in string
tidy_valuesClean values of character vectors.
to_characterConvert variable into character vector and replace values...
to_dummySplit (categorical) vectors into dummy variables
to_factorConvert variable into factor and keep value labels
to_labelConvert variable into factor with associated value labels
to_longConvert wide data to long format
to_valueConvert factors to numeric variables
trimTrim leading and trailing whitespaces from strings
typical_valueReturn the typical value of a vector
var_renameRename variables
var_typeDetermine variable type
word_wrapInsert line breaks in long labels
zap_infConvert infiite or NaN values into regular NA
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