Man pages for strongio/keanu
Enter the model.matrix

get_distribution_paramsGiven coefficients (in a data.frame) and a list of...
get_terms_mappingGet mapping from column names to model-terms and vice versa
initialize_par_tblInitialize a dataframe with parameter, term, beta
inside_parensReturn whatever is inside the parantheses of a string.
keanukeanu package
merge_formulaeMerge a list of formulae
modeller_from_loglikCreate your own modelling function, given a log-likelihood...
modeller_templateA "template" for a modelling function
na.warnHandle missing values with a warning
optim_from_mcGiven the output of 'prepare_model_components', find...
parse_charParse a character into an expression
parse_formulas_listParse formulas: a helper function for 'modeller_template'
parse_linkParse links: a helper function for 'modeller_template'
plot_coefficientsPlot coefficients from a model
prepare_model_componentsPrepare model-components
remove_lhsRemove the LHS of a formula
roll_par_tblRoll up a flat vector into a data.frame with parameter, term,...
univariate_predictionsProduce univariate predictions
unroll_par_tblTake a data.frame with parameter, term, beta, unroll into a...
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