Man pages for stueller/longCatEDA
Package for Plotting Categorical Longitudinal and Time-Series Data

alignTimeAlign time data at a given state or event
colChooseInternal Function for Selecting Color Schemes Used by...
example2catExample data for 'longCatPlot'.
example2contSimulated Data for Illustrating longContPlot
example3Simulated Data for Illustrating longCat and longCatPlot
levelCheckFunction to Check Factor Levels
longCatCreation of Objects of Class longCat
longCat-classClass '"longCat"'
longCatEDA-packagePlot Categorical Longitudinal and Time-Series Data
longCatPlotPlotting of lc objects
longContPlotPlot Continuous Longitudinal Data
luniqueFind the Unique Number of Factors
makePatternsConcatenate Multivariate Data into Numeric or Character...
norptA function to take out repeated observations in a vector of...
sorterGeneral Sorting Function
summary-methods~~ Methods for Function 'summary' ~~
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