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This package is for internal use at SUB Göttingen. It:

  1. Wraps muggle setup functions for R best practices with SUB-specific defaults.
  2. Documents suggested best practices around R data analysis at SUB in the form of vignettes. Most of this is links to other resources.
  3. A place to log placeholder issues for ideas to improve our workflows with development in other packages, or of new packages.

This package will never go to CRAN, because it is not useful for people outside of SUB.

{metar} re-exports functions from existing packages, and therefore has a lot of heavy dependencies (much like [devtools]( It is for interactive use *only*; do not add it to your `DESCRIPTION`.

If you need one of the {metar} functions in your project, look for package from which the function originated, and add that to your DESCRIPTION instead. It will be much lighter. For example, to use the pkgdown theme wrapped in {metar}, you only need the subugoetheme package.

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