Man pages for suchitm/tmvn
Generate random samples from truncated univariate and multivariate normal distributions and truncated Student-t distributions.

dtuvnUnivariate Truncated Normal Distribution
exp_rejTUVN exponential rejection sampling
exp_rej_rTUVN exponential rejection sampling
halfnorm_rejTUVN Half-normal rejection sampling
halfnorm_rej_rTUVN Half-normal rejection sampling
lower_blower bound for b - normal vs. uniform
lower_b1lower bound for b - half-normal vs uniform
lower_b1_rlower bound for b - half-normal vs uniform
lower_b2bound for b - exponential vs uniform sampling
lower_b2_rbound for b - exponential vs uniform sampling
lower_b_rlower bound for b - normal vs. uniform
norm_rejTUVN normal rejection sampling
norm_rej_rTUVN normal rejection sampling
rtmvnTruncated Multivariate Normal Distribution
rtmvn_gibbsGibbs sampler for the Truncated Multivariate Normal...
rtmvn_rTruncated Multivariate Normal Distribution
rtmvtTruncated Multivariate Student t Distribution
rtuvnUnivariate Truncated Normal Distribution
rtuvn_rUnivariate Truncated Normal Distribution
sample_case1Sample Case 1
sample_case1_rSample Case 1
sample_case2Sample Case 2
sample_case2_rSample Case 2
sample_case3Sample Case 3
sample_case3_rSample Case 3
sample_case4Sample Case 4
sample_case4_rSample Case 4
sample_case5Sample Case 5
sample_case5_rSample Case 5
sample_tuvsnFull Rejection sampling steps
sample_tuvsn_rFull Rejection sampling steps
unif_rejTUVN uniform rejection sampling
unif_rej_rTUVN uniform rejection sampling
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