Man pages for sunsiyu/featurer
Bag of Tricks to Ease Feature Engineering

checknzvCheck nzv
convertAllToCharacterConvert all columns to character type.
createBinaryFeaturesCreate Statistical Summary Features
createDiffFeaturesCreate Statistical Summary Features
createStatSumFeaturesCreate Statistical Summary Features
cutColbyNameSubset a data.frame by give column names
fillColbyNameFill a data.frame by give column names
findAllUniqueValuesFind all unique values within each column of one data.frame
findAllVarNamesFind all unique variable names with a list of list elements.
getcrosstabledfGet Cross Table as customized data.frame
getDateFeaturesGet Date Features from a vector of dates
getDateOffsetGet Max. Date Offset
getnzvasdfGet nzv as a nice formatted data.frame
getVarNameFreqCalculate variable name frequency with a list of list...
printFeaturePreChecksPrints accelerate raw feature dataset pre-checks
printOneFeatureChecksPrints accelerate pre-checks of a single feature
renameOneColRename one column to another column's name.
vgreplvectorize grepl
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