Man pages for svannoy/lsr-package
Companion Package to "Learning Statistics with R"

aadMean (average) absolute deviation from the mean
associationTestChi-square test of association / independence
barsGrouped Bar Plots with Error Bars
ciMeanConfidence interval around the mean
cohensDCohen's d
correlateCorrelation matrices
cramersVCramer's V
etaSquaredEffect size calculations for ANOVAs
expandFactorsExpand factors to a set of contrasts
goodnessOfFitTestChi-square test against specified probabilities
importListImport a list
independentSamplesTTestIndependent samples t-test
longToWideReshape from long to wide
lsr-packageCompanion Package to "Learning Statistics with R"
modeOfSample mode
oneSampleTTestOne sample t-test
pairedSamplesTTestPaired samples t-test
permuteLevelsPermute the levels of a factor
posthocPairwiseTPost-hoc pairwise t-tests for ANOVA
quantileCutCut by quantiles
rmAllRemove all objects
rowCopyCopy a vector into a matrix
sortFrameSort a data frame
standardCoefsStandardised regression coefficients
tFrameTranspose a data frame
unlibraryUnload a package
whoContents of workspace
wideToLongReshape from wide to long
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