Man pages for svdataman/tonic
Generate and test MCMC output using RW-MH or Goodman-Weare methods

chain_convergencePerform checks for convergence of multiple Markov chains.
chain_diagnosisPlots for assessing MCMC output.
contour_matrixProduce a matrix of contours plots from a data array
get_levels1dFind lower, upper intervals enclosing certain masses of a...
get_levels2dCompute contours encircling specified masses.
gw_samplerGoodman-Weare Markov Chain Monte Carlo sampler
hist2dBin a set of (x,y) points into a 2D histogram
interp_imageInterpolate an even grid of z(x,y) onto arbitrary (x,y)...
mh_samplerRandom Walk Metropolis-Hastings sampler using multiple...
plot_densityProduce a 1D density/histogram plot given data values 'x'.
plot_density_contoursProduce a 2D density/histogram plot given data values 'x, y'.
Rhatcompute the Gelman & Rubin R.hat statistic.
stretch_moveUpdate an ensemble of 'walkers' using the 'stretch move'
walk_moveUpdate an ensemble of 'walkers' using the 'walk move'
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