Man pages for svenhalvorson/SvenR
Sven's R Jiggering

append_allAppend all files in a folder
clearClears Environment and Console
convtableSFPS name and code conversions
diagnosticData Frame Diagnostics
doubleregexDouble Regular Expressions
dupes_tagTabulate Covariate Patterns
export_byExport by a Factor
fill_downFill Missing Values Down
fill_missingFill missing entries
grepl_multiMultiple Pattern Matching
label_schoolsConvert School Labels for SFPS
match_namesFuzzy matcher
order_colsRe-order columns of a data frame
order_cols_qRe-order columns of a data frame (quoted)
pretend_workingPretend to Run Large Scripts
read_adaRead an ADA/ADM file
school_yearGenerate school years
smergeSTATA Style Merge
stdcharStandardize Character Vector
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