Man pages for svenhalvorson/SvenR
Tools for exploration

check_idCheck IDs
clearClear Workspace
col_missColumn Missing Percent
count_idsCount IDs
crosswalkCreate Crosswalk
dtypesData types
dupesTwo-way Duplicates
fill_downFill Down
find_colsFind Columns
format_ciFormat Confidence Intervals
format_pFormat p-values
ggslideshowSlideshow of ggplots
helloHello, World!
merge_periodsMerge time intervals
multi_matchMultiple pattern matching
ninNot In
pipePipe operator
pipe_nextPipe to next line
pretend_workingPretend to Work
pretty_iqrPretty IQR
rinReverse In
round_perRound Percents
safe_joinOne-to-one left join
scolsSort Columns
sql_listSQL List
sum_naSum Missing Values
twaTime Weighted Averages
ventileVentile (5-tiles)
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