Man pages for svkucheryavski/supure
Spectral Unmixing with Pure Variables

areanormNormalization of spectra
exploreA GUI tool for exploring purity results
getColorsReturns colors from colorbrewer2 palette
getpurevarsIdentifies pure variables
image.mcralsImage with concentration map
image.purityImage with concentration map
mcralsAngle constrained MCR-ALS.
pinvPseudo-inverse matrix
plotConcentrationsConcentrations plot
plot.mcralsOverview plot for mcrals object
plot.purityOverview plot for purity object
plotPurityPurity spectra plot
plotSpectraSpectral plot
plotSpectraComparisonCompares resolved and original pure component spectra
plotVarianceResidual variance plot for results of unmixing
print.mcralsPrint method for mcrals object
print.purityPrint method for purity object
puredataDatasets for spectral unmixing examples
puritySpectral unmixing with pure variables
savgolSavytzky-Golay filter
summary.mcralsSummary method for mcrals object
summary.puritySummary method for purity object
supurePackage for spectral unmixing with pure variables approach
unmixUnmix spectral data with least squares method
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