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Miscellaneous Functions/Data That Only Steve Finds Useful

aluminum_premiumsLME Aluminum Premiums Data, January 2018 - September 2019
arcticseaiceArctic Sea Ice Extent Data, 1901-2015
cardkrieger1994mweMinimum Wages and Employment: A Case Study of the Fast-Food...
carrecRecode a Variable
clemsontempsDaily Clemson Temperature Data, 1930-Present
co2dataCarbon Dioxide Emissions Data
cpi_various_itemsConsumer Price Index for Various Items, Jan. 2000-Dec. 2018
DJIADow Jones Industrial Average Data, 1885-2018
eq_passengercarsExport Quality Data for Passenger Cars, 1963-2014
eustatesEU Member States (Current as of 2019)
get_simsGet Simulations from a merMod Object (with New Data)
get_var_infoGet a small data frame of the variable label and values.
ghp100kYearly Rate of Gun Homicide per 100,000 People
gss_abortionThe Justifiability of Abortion Under Various Circumstances...
imf_coffee_dataIMF Primary Commodity Price Data for Coffee (Arabica,...
make_perclabMake Percentage Label for Proportion and Add Percentage Sign
make_scaleMake a User-Defined (Re-)Scaled Variable
migrants_usaU.S. Inbound/Outbound Migration Data, 1990-2017
multiplotMultiplot: Multiple graphs on one page
mvprodList of Countries by Motor Vehicle Production, 1950-2017
nesarc_drinkspdThe Usual Daily Drinking Habits of Americans (NESARC, 2001-2)
odgiOzone Depleting Gas Index Data, 1992-2018
oecd_forecastsOECD Long-Term GDP Forecast
osu_resultsOhio State Football Results, 1913-2017
r2sdRescale Vector by Two Standard Deviations
recessionsUnited States Recessions, 1855-present
sample_midsSample MIDs
sbtscsCreate 'peace years' by cross-sectional unit
sealevelsGlobal Average Absolute Sea Level Change, 1880–2015
show_ranefGet caterpillar plot of random effects from lme4 model.
so2dataSulfur Dioxide Trends, 1980-2017
steves_clothesSteve's (Professional) Clothes, as of March 3, 2019
strategic_rivalriesStrategic Rivalries, 1494-2010
sugar_pricesIMF Primary Commodity Price Data for Sugar, 1980-present
theme_steveSteve's preferred ggplot theme
ukg_eeriUnited Kingdom Effective Exchange Rate Index Data, 1990-2018
uniondensityCross-National Rates of Trade Union Density
usa_chn_gdp_forecastsUnited States-China GDP and GDP Forecasts, 1960-2050
ustradegdpU.S. Trade-to-GDP Ratio, 1790-2018
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