Man pages for svolpers/bootmi
Calculates ordinary bootstrap for deterministic imputation methods

bootmi'bootmi': BOOTstrap Multiple Imputed (survey) data
bootmi_ciPrepare calculation of bootstrapped confidence intervals.
bootmi_resultscreates output table for bootmi.lm
boot_samplesCalculates ordinary bootstrap samples
build_residualcreates residuals
centeringcenters selected variables
glm.bootmiGeneralized linear model for bootstrapped and imputed data
lm.bootmilinear model for bootstrapped and imputed data
plotplots simple slopes
printPrints a 'bootmi' object
regosiCalculates regions of significance for moderation effects
resimpcenadds residual interactions, imputes and centers
simslopConducts analysis of the simple slopes
summarySummary of a 'bootmi.lm' object
summary.regosiSummary of a 'regosi' object
summary.simslopSummary of a 'simslop' object
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