Man pages for swarm-lab/videoplayR
Functions to process video and image files with R

backgrounderGenerate a background image from a video
blendElement-wise operations on image objects
blobDetectorFind blobs in binary image
d2dddExpand a 1-channel image to 3 channels
ddd2dFlatten a 3-channels image to 1 channel
getFrameGrab a specific frame from a video
img2rConvert a vpImage object to a matrix or an array
imshowDisplay vpImage object
nextFrameGrab the next frame from a video stream
r2imgConvert a matrix or an array to a vpImage object
readImgLoad image file in memory
readStreamCapture video stream from camera
readVidLoad video file in memory
releaseRelease a video stream
thresholdingConvert image to binary image
videoplayRvideoplayR: A basic (for now) computer vision library for R.
vpImageImage object.
vpSamplesImage and video samples
vpStreamVideo stream object.
vpVideoVideo object.
writeImgSave image object to file
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