Man pages for swehip/shprplotfun
R functions for SHPR annual report

add_attrAdd attributes from one data frame to another
add_promAdd PROM to operation data
age_pyramidAge-pyramid plot function
attr_to_factorConvert object with attributes in "map" to factor
avvikelseCalculate deviation (avvikelse) for each hospital using a...
bar_plotBar plot function
check_attrCheck if object has attribute "map"
cnames1Data set used for example purposes (see examples and...
cnames2Data set used for example purposes (see examples and...
compassCompass plot function
compass_dataCompass dataset
compass_riketCompass riket plot function
eq5d_3lSimple function to extract dimensions of EQ-5D profile
eqindBritCalculate Brittish EQ-5D-index using all five values...
eqindSwedCalculate Swedish EQ-5D-index using all five values extracted...
eq_vas_expExpected EQ VAS dataset
eq_vas_obsObserved EQ VAS dataset
eq_vas_riketSwedish average EQ VAS dataset
expectedExpected PROM
filter_censFilter variable for existing data
km_plotKaplan-Meier plot function
line_plotLine plot function
mutate_labelExtract attribute "map" and mutate object to be labelled
norm_compassNormalization for compasses
norm_compass_dataNormalized compass dataset
observedObserved PROM
pain_expExpected pain VAS dataset
pain_obsObserved pain VAS dataset
pain_riketSwedish average pain VAS dataset
pick_validHelp function for add_prom
prom_trendsPROM-trends plot function
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
satis_expExpected satisfaction VAS dataset
satis_obsObserved satisfaction VAS dataset
satis_riketSwedish average satisfaction VAS dataset
save_xlsxNew xlsx saver
save.xlsxOld xlsx saver
size_orderMake an ordered factor with most important level first
survSummarySurvival analysis summary
survSummary_statesSurvival analysis summary for competing risk results
sweSweden map data set, compressed version
swe_allpointsSweden map data set
swe_kommunerSweden map data set with township included, compressed...
swe_kommuner_allpointsSweden map data set with township included
swe_landstingSweden map data set with county included, compressed version
swe_landsting_allpointsSweden map data set with county included
trend_plotTrend plot function
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