Man pages for swihart/repeated
Non-Normal Repeated Measurements Models

binnestBinary Random Effects Models with Two Levels of Nesting
biv.betabBivariate Beta-binomial Regression Models
biv.binomMarginal Bivariate Binomial Regression Models
captureCapture-recapture Models
catmissMarginal Probabilities for Categorical Repeated Measurements...
chiddenContinuous-time Hidden Markov Chain Models
cphiddenChangepoint Location using a Continuous-time Two-state Hidden...
garGeneralized Autoregression Models
gausscopMultivariate Gaussian Copula with Arbitrary Marginals
glmmGeneralized Linear Mixed Models
gnlmixGeneralized Nonlinear Regression with a Random Parameter
gnlmmGeneralized Nonlinear Mixed Models
gnlmm3Generalized Nonlinear Mixed Models for Three-parameter...
hiddenDiscrete-time Hidden Markov Chain Models
hnlmixGeneralized Nonlinear Regression using h-likelihood for a...
kalcountRepeated Measurements Models for Counts with Frailty or...
kalseriesRepeated Measurements Models for Continuous Variables with...
logitordOrdinal Random Effects Models with Dropouts
marg.homMarginal Homogeneity Models
nbkalNegative Binomial Models with Kalman Update
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