Man pages for swissgeodata4r/swissrastermaps4r
Helps Import, Extract and Plot Swissmapraster Data

asp2extentRecalculate extent values from a given aspect ratio
check_raster_overlapsCheck Raster Overlaps
colortable_greyscaleColortable of singleband Raster into Greyscale
creditsReturn String with credits
fdir_exportExport an existing fdir to an Rda-File
fdir_filterFilter fdir to find the required raster files
fdir_importImport an existing fdir
fdir_initInitialize a "File Directory" by scanning all raster files
geom_from_boundaryMake Geometry from boundary
get_extentGet extent of 'sf' object
get_rasterGet corresponding raster maps to feature
get_srm4rGet swissmapraster4r Environment data
guess_scaleGuess scale
metainfo_from_filenameGet Metadata from filename
raster_greyscaleThreeband RGB to singleband GREYSCALE raster
raster_harmonizeHarmonize Rasters
rgb_raster2singlebandThreeband RGB to singleband raster
sample_pointsSample Points
sample_polygonsSample Polygons
sf_remove_geomRemove geometry from sf objects
show_extentsShow extents of available raster Files
ysrgbY_linear to Y_srgb
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