Man pages for syberia/director
Load, track, and manage dependencies in a file structure.

any_is_substring_ofWhether or not any substring of a string is any of a set of...
apply_patternApply a pattern filter to a character vector.
check_if_parser_and_preprocessor_are_identicalIf the parser and preprocessor for a path is the same, the...
complete_extensionComplete the extension of a file (.r or .R).
dependency-trackingTrack the dependencies of a resource.
directorManagement and Tracking of Files in R Projects.
director_existsDetermine whether a resource exists relative to a director...
director_filenameConvert a resource to a filename.
director_findFind resources within a director project.
drop_idempotenceConvert an idempotent resource name to a non-idempotent...
duplicateDuplicate a function object.
enforce_typeEnforce parameter types (logical, character, etc.).
extensionless_existsDetermine whether an R file exists regardless of case of...
get_helpersGet all helper files associated with an idempotent resource...
grapes-less-than-less-than-grapesAppend to a list or environment, overwriting if necessary.
has_preprocessorWhether there exists a preprocessor for a resource.
initializeInitialize a director object.
is.directorWhether or not an object is a director.
is.idempotent_directoryWhether or not a directory is an idempotent resource.
modification-trackingDetect modifications to a resource.
parserApply the parser to a resource.
preprocessorApply the preprocessor to a resource.
register_parserRegister a resource parser.
register_preprocessorRegister a resource preprocessor
registryA persistent on-disk cache of R objects associated with a...
resourceFetch a resource relative to a director object.
resource-cachingCache a resource's parsed value.
resource_nameConvert a filename to a resource name.
search_patternDefine a search pattern for use with the find method on a...
simple_cacheA simple caching structure.
sized_queueQueue with size limit.
strip_r_extensionStrip R extension.
strip_rootStrip a root file path from an absolute filename.
towerCreate a tower of functions.
virtual-resourceMark a resource as virtual.
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