Man pages for syberia/stagerunner
Parametrization and execution of linear sequences of actions

boolean_fillFill a nested logical list with TRUEs before or after the...
compare_stage_keysCompare two stage keys to see which one has a stage run first
copy_envCopy one environment into another recursively.
is_pre_stagerunnerWhether or not an object can be transformed into a...
is.stagerunnerCheck whether an R object is a stageRunner object
nested_namesDelimited names of a nested list.
normalize_stage_keysNormalize a reference to stage keys
OOP_type_independent_methodCall a method on an object regardless of its OOP type.
runRun the stages in a stageRunner object.
show_messageShow a progress message when executing a stagerunner.
special_and_listsAND two lists together with some regards for nesting
special_or_listsOR two lists together with some regards for nesting
stagerunnerStagerunners are parametrized sequences of linear execution.
stageRunner_appendAppend one stageRunner to the end of another.
stageRunner_aroundWrap a function around a stageRunner's terminal nodes
stageRunner_.before_envGet an environment representing the context directly before...
stageRunner_.clear_cacheClear all caches in this stageRunner, and recursively.
stageRunner_coalesceCoalescing a stageRunner object is taking another stageRunner...
stageRunner_current_stageThis allows us to get the furthest executed stage.
stageRunner_has_keyWhether or not the stageRunner has a key matching this input.
stageRunner_initializeInitialize a stageRunner object.
stageRunner_.mark_finishedMark a given stage as being finished.
stageRunner_next_stageFor stageRunners with caching, find the next unexecuted...
stageRunnerNodeStagerunner nodes are environment wrappers around individual...
stageRunnerNode_aroundWrap a stageRunnerNode callable with another callable.
stageRunnerNode_overlayAppend one stageRunnerNode around another.
stageRunnerNode_runExecute the callable of a stageRunnerNode.
stageRunnerNode_transformTransform a stageRunnerNode according to a functional.
stageRunner_overlayOverlaying a stageRunner object is taking another stageRunner...
stageRunner_.rootDetermine the root of the stageRunner.
stageRunner_.set_parentsSet all parents for this stageRunner, and recursively
stageRunner_.set_prefixesSet all prefixes for child stageRunners.
stageRunner_showGeneric for printing stageRunner objects.
stageRunner_stage_namesRetrieve a flattened list of canonical stage names for a...
stageRunner_transformTransform the callable's of the terminal nodes of a...
treeSkeletonThis class implements iterators for a tree-based structure...
treeSkeleton__childrenFind the children of the current object wrapped in...
treeSkeleton__findFind the key with the given index using the names of the...
treeSkeleton__first_leafFind the first leaf in a tree.
treeSkeleton__initializeInitialize a treeSkeleton object.
treeSkeleton__last_leafFind the last leaf in a tree.
treeSkeleton__parentFind the parent of the current object wrapped in a...
treeSkeleton__.parent_indexFind the index of the current object in the children of its...
treeSkeleton__predecessorAttempt to find the predecessor of the current node.
treeSkeleton__rootFind the root node of the tree (the only one with no parent).
treeSkeleton__successorAttempt to find the successor of the current node.
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