Man pages for syounkin/ITHIM
The Integrated Transport and Health Impacts Model

createITHIM-methodsCreate an ITHIM object
deltaBurden-methodsGets Change in Disease Burden due to Physical Activity
getBurden-methodsGets Burden
getCycleTime-methodsReturns the mean cycle time matrix
getDistRoadType-methodsRetrieves the distance by road type
getF-methodsGet F
getGBD-methodsRetrieves the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) data
getMeans-methodsRetrieve mean values
getMethodsITHIMRetrieves the names of methods for ITHIM Objects
getNonTravelMETs-methodsReturns the non-travel METs matrix
getParameterNames-methodsReturns the names of the parameters in the ITHIM object
getParameterSet-methodsRetrieve a ParameterSet object
getPopulation-methodsRetrieves population matrix from U.S. Census
getRoadInjuries-methodsGets Road Injury counts from ITHIM object
getSiN-methodsRetrieves the Safety in Numbers parameters
getWalkTime-methodsReturns the mean walk time matrix
ITHIMListThe ITHIMList class
ITHIM-packageIntegrated Transport and Health Impacts Model (ITHIM)
ParameterSetThe ITHIM ParameterSet class
update-methodsUpdate an ITHIM object
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