Man pages for tagteam/SmoothHazard
Estimation of Smooth Hazard Models for Interval-Censored Data with Applications to Survival and Illness-Death Models

idmFit an illness-death model
idmModelGenerate illness-death model objects
intensityM-spline estimate of the transition intensity function
Paq1000Paquid data set
plot.idmPlot method for an illness-death model
plot.shrPlot method for a survival model.
predict.idmPredictions for an illness-death model using either a...
print.idmPrint method for 'idm' objects
print.shrPrint method for 'shrSplines' objects
shrFit a survival model
sim.idmModelSimulate illness-death model data
sim.survICSimulate interval censored survival data
simulateIDMSample illness-death model data
summary.idmSummary of a fitted illness-death model
summary.shrSummary of a fitted survival model using a penalized...
survICGenerate survival model objects
testdataData set for survival models: right-censored and...
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